Membership Application

If you want to become a member of our organization, in accordance with our NGO’s Statute and Council meeting conclusions adopted on 12th April 2013, and the 11th July 2013, the criteria that the applicant should fulfil are the following:

He or She must

  • Have at least a Bachelor’s degree;
  • Have good knowledge in writing and in speaking English (a proper document which proves level of English proficiency will be requested afterwards);
  • Completed postgraduate study program in the field of European integration or have at least one year of experience in work related to European integration or experience in working on at least one EU project.

In addition to the criteria listed above, the person must also submit:

A short motivational letter which must include an explanation stating how an applicant believes that he/she can contribute to the work of the NGO (up to 300 words).

The annual membership fee is 50.00 HRK.  It covers the costs of administration, regular notifications and information and provides opportunity to be involved in organization’s activities (working on projects, conducting lectures, and a variety of other volunteer activities).

Council members will decide on the membership request within 15 days since the reception of the application, and the applicant will be notified via e-mail about the results. If a membership application is accepted, applicant shall make a payment of 50.00 HRK to the account of the NGO, by invoice (invoice) or via internet banking directly to the NGO account (HR88 2360 0001 1017 8890 3 – state your personal identification number (or Croatian OIB) as a reference number) within 15 days, thus becoming a full member of the NGO. In the case of non-payment, the Council decision for accepting the membership application becomes invalid.

Membership in the NGO is terminated in accordance with the provisions of the Statute, in the case of non-payment of regular annual membership fee or due to the member’s request.

Thank you for your application and interest in becoming a member. We look forward to our successful collaboration!

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