EEF participates in tenders in Croatia and abroad and runs projects in cooperation with other NGOs, local authorities, foundations, consulting firms and experts, within bilateral and multilateral programmes. EEF projects are related to European integration issues in the widest sense, from training on EU institutions, decision-making, policies and development, to assistance in developing and implementing EU projects, or informing the public about the EU accession process and membership.

Competencies and qualifications of EEF members cover a wide range of fields: all topics related to the European Union, project management, regional policy, strategic planning, organizational management, human resource development, as well as communication, negotiation, training skills, etc.

Through projects we organize various activities:

  • seminars, lectures, workshops, conferences, round tables, training of trainers;
  • consulting on development, implementation and evaluation of projects financed from the EU pre-accession (and in the future Structural and Cohesion) funds;
  • development of strategic plans for regional and local authorities and other organizations;
  • publishing of articles, brochures, manuals and other printed materials, etc.

Target groups that we involve include:

  • children and youth (kindergartens, youth organizations, elementary and high schools, students);
  • civil servants and public employees;
  • regional and local authorities;
  • NGOs, professional associations;
  • entrepreneurs;
  • political parties;
  • journalists;
  • women, retired persons, socially vulnerable groups.